January 6, 2006

It was only a few years ago that if you had said, hey Eddie, what is your favorite store in the whole world? I would have said, it is none of your business but if you must know it is Bestbuy , or maybe Dick’s sporting goods.
Me and my wife just celebrated our 1 year anniversary as homeowners and I must say I am singing a very different song these days.Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse is now my most favoritest store in the whole world. Did you know that they have all of your home improvement needs under one roof. I could probably spend an entire Saturday just looking at all the stuff that I know I will one day need.
As a homeowner I have become a bit of a handyman. It is odd how for 27 years all that I needed to get by was a hammer and a couple of screwdrivers. This is no longer true. I am now working on a very respectable tool collection. Every project brings to light new tools that I must have to properly complete the task. All this is made possible by my local Lowe’s center.
thank you Lowe’s, I will see you tomorrow, I need some weather stripping.


One comment

  1. To Whom it May Concern:
    Although it appears that I will finally be getting resolution to an item
    that I have to return due to being damaged, the process to complete this
    task was ridiculously long and annoying. Wait times, instructions, run
    around, etc, have made my Dick’s experience utterly unenjoyable. I
    moved from an area (MD)that had a Dick’s store and had come to trust
    Dick’s as a place to shop. I have numerous family members that also
    believe in Dick’s. The area in which I live now does not have a Dick’s
    store, so I tried Dick’s on-line for Christmas shopping. Wow, never
    again will I buy from Dick’s after this experience. Way too much hassle
    to return a large item, way too long for wait times on the phone. I
    have invested so much time trying to resolve this, it is not worth it to
    me to ever risk such an experience again. I am very disappointed that
    Dick’s offered me this type of service. I will encourage family and
    friends to avoid Dick’s in the future.

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