August 24, 2005

here are my picks for the top ten movie actors of all time..

1. christopher walken
2. al pacino
3. brad pitt
4. robert deniro
5. morgan freeman
6. tim robbins
7. tom hanks
8. denzel washington
9. dustin hoffman
10. tom cruise



  1. I’d put Orson Welles in there as well. He wasn’t in many movies of note, but through his radio performances he managed to prove that his ability was incredible.

    Oh, and where the hell is Pauly Shore?!

  2. I can’t believe you left out Elvis.

  3. elvis was the king of rock and roll, but not movies. there i said it!

  4. What about Johnny Depp? He’s eccentric, deep, beautiful, and more. I’m mad at brad pitt and tom cruise’s top center lip doesn’t match up with the center of his two front teeth, so obviously he’s out.

  5. you got fight club up there and you have brad pitt’s name and not edward norton, when ed norton is a much better actor?? what the fuck????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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