August 15, 2005

i really enjoy marlboro ultra lights. some people say they like the flavor of a cigarette, but i believe i may just be addicted. cigarettes are great for passing the time on road trips and if timed correctly will get you through a commercial break. they are also a great substitute if you are hungry but spent all your money on cigarettes. i like to toss it up occationally and buy a pack of menthols. menthols, if you are not aware, help with bad breath, and gingavitis. cigarettes are also handy for lighting pools of gasoline on fire. give cigarettes a try regardless of whether you smoke or not. you will thank me for it, because it is a know fact that smoking causes anyone to look cooler that you actually are, and it make your clothes smell like fields of honeysuckle.

this blogger takes no responsibility for the misuse of the above mentioned product.


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